Financing Sustainable Agricultural Transformation Conference
25-26 October 2023
Nairobi Kenya

About the conference

The Financing Agriculture event brings together stakeholders dedicated to financing models for African agriculture. Its objectives include tackling challenges, developing suitable solutions and exploring risk reduction strategies. The conference assists beneficiaries in adopting financing solutions and offers valuable resources for sector planning.

Why Attend?

Get to know available financial solutions and requirements to assessments

Align financial policy to address the financing needs of the agricultural sector

Establish new market linkages and showcase their products and services

Further understand and prioritize needs in the agricultural sector that require support.

The Conference Objectives

The conference seeks to:

  • Take stock of the country’s ongoing financing options for the agricultural sector, including bottlenecks.
  • Where necessary, re-purpose financing approaches to suite the ecosystem and needs
  • Propose ways of accurately determining the level of agricultural financing to inform effective policies
  • Align and propose agricultural financing for public and private sector including prepare the agricultural sector for business with financing solution providers.

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